Issue with DAA-Meganizer Tool: ExceptionInInitializerError

I’m currently facing an issue with the DAA-Meganizer tool on a high-performance computing cluster.

Issue Description:

  • Tool Used: DAA-Meganizer
  • Command Executed: ./daa-meganizer
  • Error Encountered:
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError: Invalid license key
        at megan6u/megan6u.main.Megan6Ultimate.F(Unknown Source)
        at jloda/jloda.util.ProgramProperties.checkState(
        at megan6u/megan6u.main.Megan6Ultimate.E(Unknown Source)
        at megan6u/megan6u.A.C.A(Unknown Source)
        at megan6u/ Source)

Additional Information:

  • MEGAN 6 UE Launch: I can launch MEGAN 6 Ultimate Edition without any issues, and it displays the correct licensing information upon startup.
  • License Verification: This suggests that the license is valid and properly recognized by the system.

Troubleshooting Steps Taken:

  1. License Re-setup: I reconfigured the license, which initially seemed to resolve the issue as the program produced the expected output.
  2. Re-testing the Tool: Despite the successful license setup, re-executing the tool results in the same error.
  3. Other Tools in the Suite: Similar issues arise when using other tools in the MEGAN6 suite.
  4. Reinstallation Attempt: I fully uninstalled and reinstalled MEGAN, ensuring the directory was cleared. After setting up the still-valid license again, the error unfortunately persists.

Seeking Advice:

  • Could this be a bug within the DAA-Meganizer, or might it be related to some configuration oversight on my end?
  • Has anyone experienced something similar and found a resolution?