Inflate Error Running Diamond

I compiled Diamond from source and successfully ran a few alignments. Now I am getting an “Inflate error” trying to run more alignments. The details are below: diamond blastx -d nr -q 27908_3_S8_unaligned_unaligned_1.fq.gz -f 100 -o matches_27908_3_S8_1.DAA
diamond v0.8.36.98 | by Benjamin Buchfink
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#CPU threads: 48
Scoring parameters: (Matrix=BLOSUM62 Lambda=0.267 K=0.041 Penalties=11/1)
#Target sequences to report alignments for: 25
Temporary directory:
Opening the database… [0.000287s]
Opening the input file… [0.03581s]
Opening the output file… [0.016918s]
Loading query sequences… [37.685s]
Error: Inflate error.

I have four alignments currently running, so I assume this is a temporary storage space issue. Is this correct?


This is an error while decompressing your file. Please try to manually gunzip your file then run diamond.