Images exports in Megan 6

I use the software for metagenomics analysis but the problem is when I export the images, whether you select the whole or visible section, it just exports the only visible parts.

please show us an image of the window you are trying to export an image from

I select the export and select the whole image but I have got is below images

I just tried this myself and did not observe the problem that you describe.
Please give me more info, e.g. which version of MEGAN and which operating system.
Also, could you send me whatever MEGAN displays in the message window.

Thanks for your reply. It worked for me if the whole picture was fit in the screen but for many samples, as the pictures were out screen , this problem happened. I used Megan6 and Windows 7.

I have the same problem. When exports the PDF format it often(about 9 in 10 times) exports the only visible parts(although I have chosen the whole image). I used Megan6 Community Edition and Win7 64bit.