Identification of insects in feces metagenomics

I am used to use Diamond and Megan for Viromics. Now I would like to identify insect species in feces samples. Therefore I’ve used Diamond to blast against the Invertebrate Database of NCBI. I’ve loaded the newest mapping file. Somehow it doesnt work out, any ideas?

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Info: Command completed (9s): load mapFile=‘X:\kohlc\database\Ivertebrate0621\megan-map-Jan2021.db’ mapType=Accession cName=Taxonomy;
Executing: import blastFile=‘X:\kohlc\database\matches_S15_L000_R1_001.daa’ meganFile=‘X:\kohlc\database\matches_S15_L000_R1_001.rma6’ useCompression=true format=DAA mode=BlastX maxMatches=100 minScore=50.0 maxExpected=0.01 minPercentIdentity=0.0 topPercent=10.0 minSupportPercent=0.05 minSupport=1 lcaAlgorithm=naive minPercentReadToCover=0.0 minPercentReferenceToCover=0.0 minComplexity=0.0 useIdentityFilter=false readAssignmentMode=readCount fNames=;
Classifications: Taxonomy
Parsing file: X:\kohlc\database\matches_S15_L000_R1_001.daa
Total reads: 587,220
Alignments: 2,547,121
Initializing binning…
Using ‘Naive LCA’ algorithm for binning: Taxonomy
Binning reads…
Total reads: 587,220
With hits: 587,220
Alignments: 2,547,121
Assig. Taxonomy: 0
MinSupport set to: 293
Min-supp. changes: 0
Numb. Tax. classes: 1
Class. Taxonomy: 1

The problem is here:

load mapFile=‘X:\kohlc\database\Ivertebrate0621\megan-map-Jan2021.db’ mapType=Accession cName=Taxonomy;

You need to specify the file as


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