I/O Exception during Comparison

Hey Guys,

I am trying to compare a couple of Meganized DAA files that I load from a MEGAN server remotely. While opening and working with the individual DAA files functions perfectly, the comparison always dies with an “Execute failed: java.io.IOException: Comparison computation failed: X”. The behavior started after I upgraded to 6.6.2 (built 12 Dec 2016) yesterday! Worked with the versions before on the same Meganized DAA files. DAA files are quite big so I won’t be able to share them over network. In case you need to see what’s going on I can also quickly drop by in the office.

Cheers from the MPI,

Dear Felix, thanks for the bug report. I will upload a new version that fixes this later today.

Latest version fixed the problem. Thanks a lot! F