I need help in importing EBI MGnify 5.0 generated files in MEGAN6 UE

I am new to MEGAN and I watched YouTube tutorial on DIAMOND and MEGAN. I have seen the MEGAN comparison files which can be generated from multiple metagenomics samples data. Suppose I have only one type of sample, and if you go to MGnify - EBI select any metagenome of your interest like environmental samples where sample is one and pipeline followed is 5.0, download the files and try to upload Diamond generated files but it has.tsv, .csv as extensions instead of .daa and there are lot of other files such as {accession_number}_FASTA_emapper.seed_orthologs.tsv, {accession_number}_FASTA_GO.tsv, pfam KO etc. I can only gain insights into taxonomy like read counts and organism, I could generate a phylogenetic tree but beyond that functional data doesn’t get imported. Is there any pipeline I should follow? What necessary steps can I take for importing the files?

I will look into this next week.

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