How to get a functional annotation out of daa files

Hi Daniel and everyone else,

I am trying to get a functional annotation in MEGAN6 Community Edition. What I have done so far:

  1. diamond blastx vs the nr database (from February 2022) --> daa files

  2. daa-meganizer using the megan-map-Jan2021.db file on the daa files (no other options) --> meganized daa files
    (I know there is a version from Feb2022, but this wasn’t available when I’ve run this early this year - would that change anything?)

  3. Opened these daa files in MEGAN. The taxonomic classification worked and looks fine for me.

However: all viewers related to functional classifications are greyed out - only the “Main viewer” is available. Is this a feature of the Ultimate Edition only (the manual reads as it should work in the Community Edition as well)? Or am I missing some step?

Best wishes, and thanks for any help,

Usually, you should be able to access the functional classifications using MEGAN CE.
What did daa-meganizer write to the console? It reports how many reads were aligned to each functional classification.