How to find number of taxonomy assigned reads


I’ve been trying to get the number of assigned taxonomy reads for all my samples but im not sure if im looking at the right place. According to the image below it indicates that 31,964,632 reads has been assigned. Does the number indicates the number of assigned taxonomy reads, excluding unclassified sequences & other sequences?

When i group the same samples, i get 31,949, 708

Also, when i display all the reads without grouping the samples it is indicated that i have a total reads of 361,873,248 (as shown at the bottom panel of the first image) but when i group the same amount of samples into 2 different groups and ‘compare absolute’, the total number of reads were indicated as 34,319,504. Why such a difference? This is pretty confusing to me. Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you

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Thank you for point out that the number top left is confusing. It currently indicates the largest summarized count of any node (when displaying circular nodes) for any of the represented datasets (when displaying rectangular nodes), something that is not usually shown (unless “scale by summarized” is used). I will modify the code so that this number is something that does not look like the total assigned, and is a power of 10, e.g. in this case 10,000,000.

Grouping currently ignores any not-assigned counts and so that is why the total number of reads goes down from 360 million to 34 million. (This is a minor loss of some assigned reads when doing this transformation. I will look into this.)