How to do clustering analysis by MEGAN CE?

Hello everybody,

At the beginning, I got some interesting genes from Uniprot and downloaded different kinds of metagenomes from NCBI. Then, using DIAMOND to blast these interesting genes against these metagenomes. So, I got the blast results from above step and made the simplest grey heat map according to a 0-1 matrix using MATLAB. But now I want to do clustering analysis for genes and meta genomes within the heat map.

I have read this article “MEGAN Community Edition - Interactive Exploration and Analysis of Large-Scale Microbiome Sequencing Data” last week. It said that, “MEGAN CE also supports the use of metadata in the context of clustering analysis.” But after reading it, I still totally can’t understand how to do a clustering analysis for my current heat map. Below is the link of the heat map and the matrix.
91_metagenomematrix_sorted.txt (2.0 KB)

Could you please solve my confusion? Your answer would be appreciated.