How to compare groups


I 18 have samples that I want to compare. Nine of them are from healthy patients, other 9 from sic subjects. I would like to grup the into this 2 categories. I started to play with “Groups viever” but without any luck yet. I managed to make 2 groups and to assign each sample but I do not know what to do next. When I am applying from a Groups viever window:

Window > Show bar chart (any other option)

I am getting an error

Everything works great with individual samples.

Maybe is not possible to analyze groups? Please help me :slight_smile:

You can group things in two ways:

Open the Sample viewer, add an attribute to the table, e.g. called health and then give each patient either a healthy or sick value (or yes/no 1/0, whatever)
Then you can select the attribute column and use the group by attribute menu item to define two groups.

However, these groups only really play a role in the PCoA analysis.

You can’t use groups in the charts viewer.

The other way to group samples is to use the Samples Viewer, select an attribute column and then select
the Compare Relative or Compare Absolute menu item to create
a new comparison in which each “sample” is the union of the input samples, in your case healthy vs sick