How to access megan-map-Oct2019.db and megan-nucl-Oct2019.db for annotation

Dear Dr.Daniel and Everyone,

Could you give me a guide how to use megan-map-Oct2019.db and megan-nucl-Oct2019.db for annotation? I’ve tried daa2rma and daa-meganizer with parameter --mapDB or -at2 etc but it doesn’t work. I’ve unziped the file but I can’t access the file for annotation.

This is command that I used

daa2rma -i alignment/IB_result.daa -o megan/IB_result.rma --mapDB megan-map-Oct2019.db

and here is the respon

jloda.util.UsageException: Invalid, unknown or duplicate option: --mapDB megan-map-Oct2019.db
, use option '-h' for help
	at jloda.util.ArgsOptions.done(

Thank you for help.


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Please update to the latest version