Highlight DIfferences Submenu is missing in 6.5.9

The Highlight Difference Submenu as described on page 21 of the MEGAN v6.5.9 manual is missing from both the Mac OSX and Linux versions:

Have you used this feature in MEGAN5?
This feature was removed because it is quite messy to implement.
However, if you really have a need for it, then I will look into adding it to MEGAN6

Hi Daniel,

I haven’t used it in MEGAN5, but I currently have two samples (one is a subset of the other) and I am looking for determining under and over-representation of taxa, based on the proteins in each. The word cloud and normal plots show some differences, but I was looking for a more statistical test than doing it by eye (something along the lines of the Fisher’s Exact test used in BLAST2GO for similar analyses).

I also figured as it features in the manual but not the software, one of them needs to change :).

Adding a set of statistical analyses is high on my list of things to do.
In particular, I will look into implementing the calculation that you mentioned.

I have removed the hight differences description from the manual…