Getting taxa information for each functional classes


I would like to know if there are any ways for me to identify which bacterial taxa is responsible for each of the functional classes. I have attached a photo of my output after running Diamond and meganizing my .daa file. For instances, i would like to know which bacteria is responsible for ‘Energy and Precursor Metabolites Generation 22897’. I tried converting the given taxaId (22897) to accession number to get the taxonomic details but i failed. So is there a way to correlate the functional classes to taxonomic data? You response is much appreciated

Thank you

MEGAN performs taxonomic and functional binning separately and independently.
However, you can use the MEGAN tools program tools/taxonomy2function that will map taxa to functions.

Thanks Daniel, that was very helpful. May i ask what does the number in the last column indicates?

It is supposed to be the number of reads that map to the function and the taxon