Extracting selected protein families in comparison document

Hi Daniel

I am trying to extract taxonomic information for certain protein families either from the SEED or KEGG tree. I am able to use the “Extract to new document” option on individual sample files, however it would be great if this feature is available in the comparison mode as well


I have implemented this, it will be available in the next release.

Hi @Daniel I noticed that when I do this from comparison mode (using 6.9.0) it seems to combine the data from the individual samples into one and creates one RMA file (not a new Comparison.megan). I can work around this for now by extracting per sample and then comparing (I only have six samples) but I can see this being an issue with a huge number. Is there a way to keep the samples separate?

Seems like a reasonable idea. I will look into this in the future. For now, unfortunately, you will have to process each file separately. (Note that the UE allows one to open a file, select nodes and extract to a new document in a script.)