Extract to new document - retaining comparison assignments


Please find below one functionality for data extraction that would be very useful when working with large number of samples.

When ‘Extracting to new document’ data from megan comparison (of say 5 samples), and then reading this file back in Megan, it will show up as bulked assignments to all 5 samples together. There are no more 5 samples in the Sample Viewer, but just one.

When ‘Extracting to new document’ data from megan comparison (of 5 samples), and then reading it back in Megan, it would show up as assignments to separate 5 samples. 5 samples would be in the Sample Viewer.

I am analyzing over a thousand samples, and it is very hard to analyze them at once with all the data. I would like to be able to load comparison of say 100 samples at once, select the subtree of interest, extract it. Then compare multiple comparisons, to get data into megan for all 1000+ samples.

Please let me know your thoughts.

Many thanks.


Dear Rafal,

that is a good idea. It will take some coding, I will take a look at it