Extract all assigned reads in the InterPro viewver

The InterPro viewer contains protein families and family relationships at different hierarchical levels in the tree. Therefore not all reads are assigned to the leaves of the tree. Currently it doesn’t seem possible to extract all assigned readnames_to_etc from all nodes (compared to e.g. the taxonomy level where the user can choose to extract either “assigned” or “summed” readnames_to_etc). Best option I’ve found is to extract the readnames_to_etc when all the leaves are selected in the InterPro viewer. But this will miss a portion of assigned reads to families at a different hierarchical level. If I e.g. instead select these intermediary nodes as well as all leaves, it will then extract all summed reads and include a lot of duplicates.

Would it be possible to add this feature in the future?

I haven’t observed this problem yet. Could you please give me access to a small example of this? Then I should be able to fix this easily