Exporting Taxonomy ID with Taxonomy Path


I have been looking at the export options for MEGAN and cannot seem to be able to get a file with simply taxid/ttaxonpath/n like this file https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/qiime2-data/2019.1/tutorials/training-feature-classifiers/85_otu_taxonomy.txt
I can get a list of only taxonomy IDs or a file with taxonomy paths + percents, lengths, or counts, but I cannot figure out how to get only taxonomy IDs and paths paired together. Is this possible with MEGAN or am I looking in the entirely wrong place?

Thank you so much for help.

Hi! I have actually resolved my issue simply by using biom-format (biom convert). Leaving this message for future users.

biom convert -i .biom -o .txt --to-tsv --header-key taxonomy
(cut -d$’\t’ -f1,4 .txt) > taxonomy.txt