Exporting Metadata to CSV issue

Hi all,

I’m using DIAMOND with Nanopore reads and trying to output metadata using MEGAN. I’m able to output taxon name to length/percent/count no problem but I’d like to figure out what reads are associated with the species to get a handle on how many hits are being reported in these counts.

I tried to export metadata but I get an empty file with only headers #SampleID, matches. How can I get this list to populate? In addition, is there a mode where I can also report a score along with sample ID and match?


The “metadata” of a file consists of metadata items that you assign to the file, for example, sampling date, location, temperature, etc, so sample specific data that is additional to the sequences.
So, if you didn’t put any metadata in, you won’t get any out…

To extract information such as which reads are assigned to which species, etc, please use
File->Export->Text… menu item

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