Export to CSV readName_to_taxonPath for complete subtree


By exporting readName_to_taxonPath I only get the path from the root to the selected node, no matter if using assigned or summarized export. How can I export the whole taxonpath from the selected node to the last node of the subtree to which the read is assigned? Thanks


Uncollapse the whole tree (Tree -> Uncollapse All menu item), select all nodes and then export assigned

works perfectly, thank you!

Hi Daniel,

I am new to using MEGAN, but am having trouble getting MEGAN to write anything to the file when using the export ‘readName_to_taxonPath’ option. I get the message ‘wrote 0 lines …’. Is this function only available if you have the read files associated with the blast output (I had uploaded blastn output only for the computation).

Many thanks,

No, MEGAN doesn’t need to have the reads to export ‘readName_to_taxonPath’.
The only thing that I can think of is this: did you select any of the taxonomy nodes?