Export text percent identity for top considered blast hit

Hi, It would be very useful to be able to export readName_to_topBlastHitPercentIdentity. i.e. for each read print the read name and the percent identity obtained from the top megan-considered blast hit. This would help to keep a lot of reads with poorer top blast hits, while also being aware that the taxonomic assignment for these hits is less trustworthy.

While this suggestion would be useful for reads assigned to species-level bins, it would not necessarily make sense for higher taxonomic levels. For these I would suggest that it would also be useful to be able to export the average percent identity of all megan-considered hits for a read, which would be more informative when a read is assigned to a bin at a higher taxonomic level (readName_to_averageBlastHitPercentIdentity).

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I second that, this would be an extremely useful feature! :slight_smile:
In our case, especially for viruses, when we want to quickly inspect how “close” the hits are to e.g., species delimitation criteria etc. It would also be useful to have info on number of aligned bases in this case - basically, all what comes after “Identites =” in the top blast hit, e.g., 103/106 (97%).

How about I extend the read-name to matches export to include the length of the match and the percent identity? At present it only reports the taxon id and the bit score…

I would rather extend this feature than add a new one, but if this doesn’t do the job then I will add a read-name to top percent id exporter…

Would also do the job! Maybe even better, because then we can quickly summarise identities for more than the best hit!

ok, this will be in the next release, uploading now

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Dear Daniel,

I can see the release of the v 6.21.18 with this feature in the Release notes, however, I can find only v 6.21.17 for download (https://software-ab.informatik.uni-tuebingen.de/download/megan6/welcome.html) - or should I be looking somewhere else?

Thank you again!