Export CSV using readName_to_taxonPathPercent missing taxonomy in MEGAN 6

Currently using MEGAN 6.11.7 community version on Mac High Sierra. As of the most recent update exporting to a .CSV using readName_to_taxonPathPercent does not export any taxonomic information, only read names. Previous version worked fine.

Work flow as follows;

Import from blast (blastN) -> select all -> export to csv (readName_to_taxonPathPercent, comma delimited)

I’ve attached the first 100 lines of blast.txt I’ve been using as well as the empty csv


RG_blast_100.txt (5.9 KB)
RG_mini_blast-2-ex.txt (3.6 KB)

Thanks for the bug report. I have just figured out what the problem is and will upload a fix soon (release 6.12.1)


I had the same problem. First with the MEGAN 6.11.7 community version but windows. I just installed the version 6.12.0 and its posible export the cvs woth readName_to_taxonPath but not _taxonPathPercent (I only get read names)


I have just uploaded 6.12.1 and readName_to_taxonPathPercent works now

I am facing a similar problem of missing CSV-export of reads using MEGAN 6, Community version 6.14.2 on MacOS Mojave.
The export of reads assigned to a taxonomic level was working before using the option File > Export > Text (CSV) Format, but when I now choose this nothing happens.

I am looking forward to your reply and many thanks in advance.

Hi there!

I am using MEGAN 6.18.7 community version on Linux. I have successfully used the option to export to CSV with the readName_to_taxonPathPercent option. But since, update the Megan version, this option does not appear. Is there any new option to export the read names with official KPCOFGS ranks?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

I have added a new


option that maps reads to the assigned path using only official KPCOFGS ranks.

The new feature will be available in the next update, within the next few days.

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