Export CSV doesn't change between assigned/summarized count

Version MEGAN Community Edition (version 6.8.18, built 21 Jul 2017)
Version MEGAN Ultimate Edition (version 6.8.18, built 21 Jul 2017)

Collapsing the tree at a specific tax rank, then trying to export assigned counts for that given rank (nodes are selected automatically).
When I try Export -> CSV format... -> any version of x_to_count and x_to_percent only outputs numbers based on the summarized count for the nodes in question, even though assigned count was selected.

Also when I do Tree -> Show number of reads assigned or Show number of reads summarized it reports the same number of the summarized count next to the nodes.

dutchsea_count.megan (489.9 KB)

Hi Dino,

I don’t know if you still have the problem. I tried and it seems like weird bug.
What works, though, is Select -> Rank -> “Your favourite rank” and then Export…

Thanks, that shows the correct numbers for assigned/summarized even on Tree -> Show number of reads assigned or Show number of reads summarized.

Ok this bug is so weird, it’s not reporting correct numbers only on the leaves of the tree (whatever level it is collapsed or uncollapsed to), which is why it never works with collapse tree at a specific rank since the desired rank will always be on the leaves.

For a collapsed node (leaf), assigned is interpreted as “summarized”.
For an uncollapsed node, assigned is interpreted as “assigned”