Export all alignments to a Node to BLAST tabular or XML format


I am currently struggling with investigating the alignments in a rma6 file generated by MALT. When right-clicking on a Node and selecting “Inspect”, I can view all the alignment results and manually expand and collapse individual reads etc. However, I would be interest to have the output of all reads aligned to this node returned in a tabular BLAST or BLAST XML type of format. As far as I am aware, the only option for obtaining similar results is to manually expand every read and all its hits followed by exporting the selection as text. For more than a few reads this is not really feasible and exported text requires additionally parsing on top of it.

Is this option implemented and just missed it?


Select the taxonomic or functional nodes of interest, and then use the File->Export->Matches menu item to export the matches associated with the selected node(s).