Error while meganizing daa files with "-alg weighted"

While meganizing a daa file with daa-meganizer, I get the following exception when performing weighted LCA:

at megan.K.L.A(Unknown Source)
at megan.K.Z.A(Unknown Source)
at megan.core.D.h(Unknown Source)
at megan.daa.B.A(Unknown Source)
at megan.L.C.B(Unknown Source)
at megan.L.C.A(Unknown Source)
at Source)

command is:
daa-meganizer -i .daa -v -a2t prot_acc2tax-May2017.abin -alg weighted

reference is NCBI nr
MEGAN Ultimate Edition (version 6.8.18, built 21 Jul 2017)

Any insight into why this happens? When I meganize directly in MEGAN, no reads are binned.

Thanks for the bug report, I have identified the problem and it will be fixed in the next release, later this week.

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