Error: Incompatible mapping file: acc2kegg-Dec2017X1-ue.abin


I have tried several times, but it always throw the Error
It looks like the acc2kegg-Dec2017X1-ue.abin file is incomplete
But I have double checked it, I’m sure it is identical to the one on megan6 download page (

What is the problem? Would you please help me?

Thank you!
With my regards


ubuntu@ip-172-31-39-76:~/JJZ$ /home/ubuntu/megan/tools/blast2rma -i /home/ubuntu/JJZ/h0625.blastp.gz -f BlastText -bm BstP -r /home/ubuntu/JJZ/h0625fastqjoin.join-un1.fastq -o /home/ubuntu/JJZ/ -a2eggnog /home/ubuntu/JJZ/acc2eggnog-Oct2016X.abin -a2interpro2go /home/ubuntu/JJZ/acc2interpro-Nov2016XX.abin -a2kegg /home/ubuntu/JJZ/acc2kegg-Dec2017X1-ue.abin -a2seed /home/ubuntu/JJZ/acc2seed-May2015XX.abin
Version MEGAN Community Edition (version 6.10.6, built 20 Dec 2017)
Copyright © 2017 Daniel H. Huson. This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.
Functional classifications to use: EGGNOG, INTERPRO2GO, KEGG, SEED
Loading 1,601,128
Loading ncbi.tre: 1,601,131
Loading 30,875
Loading eggnog.tre: 30,985
Opening file: /home/ubuntu/JJZ/acc2eggnog-Oct2016X.abin
Loading 11,294
Loading interpro2go.tre: 26,787
Opening file: /home/ubuntu/JJZ/acc2interpro-Nov2016XX.abin
Loading 100,399
Loading kegg.tre: 106,784
Error: Incompatible mapping file (UE?): /home/ubuntu/JJZ/acc2kegg-Dec2017X1-ue.abin
Caught: Incompatible mapping file (UE?): /home/ubuntu/JJZ/acc2kegg-Dec2017X1-ue.abin
at megan.classification.IdMapper.loadMappingFile(
Loading 13,662
Loading seed.tre: 21,084
Opening file: /home/ubuntu/JJZ/acc2seed-May2015XX.abin
Processing BlastText file: /home/ubuntu/JJZ/h0625.blastp.gz
Output file: /home/ubuntu/JJZ/h0625.rma6
Classifications: Taxonomy,SEED,EGGNOG,KEGG,INTERPRO2GO
Parsing file: /home/ubuntu/JJZ/h0625.blastp.gz

Dear Ginger,
sorry, due to Kegg licensing issues, the KEGG mapping file only works with the Ultimate Edition of MEGAN. A license for the UE includes a license for KEGG…

Oh, I see! Thank you for your quick response.