Download files for 16s Analysis

Hi everyone, I love MEGAN6 for perform metagenomics and metataxonomic studies. I want make some 16s rRNA analysis with some soil sequences but Download page from Tubingen University still unavailable. Anyone knows another link for download files for 16s Analysis?

Thank you so much for your help

The Tubingen page finally work but I not have experience in thy to use MEGAN6 for 16s Analysis, Anyone knows or have a tutorial that explain step for step ?

Thank you for help

For 16S rRNA analysis solely with MEGAN, you can utilize Silva by blasting your 16S reads against it. Subsequently, you can employ the blast output in MEGAN. However, preprocessing steps such as read quality control, merging paired-end reads based on variable regions, and post-processing the blast output with MEGAN-based files are necessary. You may find additional details in the following publications:

  1. For Pure MEGAN-based 16S-rRNA analysis, please refer to:
    Publication Link

  2. For integrating other tools with MEGAN, you can follow this protocol:
    Protocol Link

Thank you so much for your help. I will be try

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