Does MEGAN COG/eggNOG reflect arCOGs and KOGs as well?


I am using Diamond v0.8.4 with Megan v6.4.5 to prepare my Megan files and acc2eggnog-June2016X.abin to map them to eggNOG. I wanted to know whether COG/eggNOG represented in the Megan files includes arCOGs and KOGs. Recently, eggNOG updated their database to include these varieties of COGs. Does the eggNOG mapping file I’m using map to eggNOG v4.5?

The eggNOG classification currently used by MEGAN was built July 2016, I will look into updating this.
This file contains all the eggNOG entities that MEGAN currently uses: (517.2 KB)

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for the mapping information.

I looked on MEGAN website and found another more recent mapping file for eggNOG, namely acc2eggnog-Oct2016X.abin. Does the eggNOG mapping information that you have shared with me include the information from this file too?

yes, I sent you the most recent file.

Thank you for the quick responses Daniel.

The eggNOG file does not seem to include arCOGs, not sure about KOGs. It would be helpful if these two categories were included as well.