Diamond to MEGAN problem

Dear Daniel,

I had a problem with my files. I run Diamond and the file that I obtained is .match and I can’t seem to use it for MEGAN.

I had included -f 100 but it does not convert it to .daa.

Can you please advice on how to solve this problem.

This is my script to run Diamond
diamond blastx -b 12 -p 12 -q XXXXX.fasta -d /home/db/virus_protein_diamond_db/U-RVDBv14.0-prot -o XXX.prodb.diamond.match --sensitive -f 100 --satltitles -e 0.00001 --max-target-seqs 1

Thank you.


Hi Cheryl,

you are specifying the output file name to be


so that is why it is a “.match” file.
You should simply change your output specification

-o XXX.prodb.diamond.match


-o XXX.prodb.diamond.daa

(or did I completely misunderstand what the problem is?)

Dear Daniel,

Thanks for the reply. I found my error in my script where I mistakenly state -f to 0 instead of 100.