DIAMOND .m8 file

Hi there,
I just finished running DIAMOND on linux. My output file for the alignments was a .m8 file.
I want to upload the file onto MEGAN however I am uploading it as a .m8 file with the GI mapping file given from the MEGAN download page and am receiving no alignments.
Any ideas?
Should I convert my .m8 file to a .daa or .sam file? if so, how do i go about doing that.


Also interested. I’m trying to find out how to convert the .m8 from diamond to .daa, which can then be maganized.


It’s always best to request .daa format when running DIAMOND. You can create any of the formats supported DIAMOND later from the .daa file (using DIAMOND’s view command), but you can’t go the opposite direction, that is, if you have an .m8 file, then you can’t convert it to any other format.
For MEGAN, .daa format works best. Meganization of a .daa file is the fastest and most efficient way to post-process a DIAMOND file for use with MEGAN.

So, if you only have .m8 output, then please rerun DIAMOND to create .daa output.