Daa2rma is running very slowly

I’m running the following command of daa2rma on .daa files that are about 24 GB in size each:

time daa2rma --in SRR6957156_SA_1.daa SRR6957156_SA_2.daa --out
SRR6957156_reads.rma --paired true --pairedSuffixLength 1 --mapDB ~databases/megan-map-Feb2022-ue.db --threads 24 --only KEGG

My .rma file is being populated at about 100KB/s which is much slower than maximum writing speed for my SSD (~3000 MB/s). My RAM however is being used to the max (128 GB).

Does that kind of speed sound reasonable for my RAM? Is there anything I can do to speed up the process other than purchase more RAM?

Unfortunately, daa2rma was not designed for the size of files used these days. Please do not use daa2rma but rather use daa-meganizer, which is much faster. This program attaches classifications to the end of the daa file and can be opened in MEGAN.

Okay, I tried daa-meganizer but I received two separate files - one for each of my paired end files. Did I do it right? is there a way to merge them together? thanks!