Daa2info: export read to hierarchy

-r2h to export the full hierarchy per read as is possible with the GUI. Would be very useful for us. I suppose a -h2c would be useful for many.

(BTW, it would be good if the help message from daa2info reported valid values for the export options, i.e. EGGNOG, INTERPRO2GO etc.)


Hi Daniel,

good idea, I have added a -p (for path) option for the export of taxonomy with an additional option -mro (major ranks only)
Also, the help message now lists all known classifications.

I just noticed that I was probably mistaken in my belief that what you implemented was export of all hierarchies, i.e. including functional ones. (This of course explains why --paths doesn’t work for e.g. SEED export; see my recent reply to a bug report of mine.)

Anyway, it would be very useful for us to be able to use the command line tool to export also the hierarchies of functional assignments.


I have implemented that and it will be available in the next release (later this week)