Daa-meganizer in command line

I’m trying to maganize a .daa file for functional analysis by MEGAN V6.11.6, but meganizing the file takes too long when run from MEGAN graphical interface. I have access to a supercluster computer, so I’d like to execute daa-meganizer in command line from that supercomputer server (I’m working in MacOS).

I’ve placed the daa-meganizer Unix Executable File in the same folder where I’m running the meganizing, but it does not work.
As explained in the User Manual, I’ve also tried to launch the MEGAN installer in order to execute the daa-meganizer command (/Volumes/MEGAN/MEGAN\Installer.app/Contents/MacOS/JavaApplicationStub), but it does not work either.

So, how can I execute the command daa-meganizer from a command line?

Thanks in advance.

type tools/daa-meganizer, from within the megan installation directory.
Or, if megan is installed in ~/megan, say, then
from in home directory, type


It worked fine. Actually, the main problem was the Java version not properly installed in all computing nodes.
Many thanks Daniel.