Daa-meganizer error

Dear Megan community,

Kindly excuse me if this question already exists.
I would like to convert daa to rma for megan, for this purpose i am using the command below. I am facing a error while running this command
java.io.IOException: Failed to parse too many lines, is this really a .map or .bin file? nucl_acc2tax-Nov2018.abin

–in reads.daa
–gi2taxa nucl_acc2tax-Nov2018.abin
–acc2kegg acc2kegg-Dec2017X1-ue.abin
–acc2interpro2go acc2interpro-June2018X.abin
-fwa true

I would like to know what could be possible reason for this error?

Thank you

Dear Richa,

this line is wrong:
–gi2taxa nucl_acc2tax-Nov2018.abin
Should be

–acc2taxa nucl_acc2tax-Nov2018.abin

Hello Daniel,

Thank you