Creating a abin mapping file for a uniref90 database

I wanted to ask how to create an abin mapping file for the uniref90 database?
Previous post “Build custom database with accession” discusses it very briefly. But I ave not been able to find a methods that I understand to do so myself.

What I want to do-
diamond blastp -db uniref90 -i <sequences.faa> -fmt 6 -o <sequences-output.xml>

blast2lca -i -a2t <uniref90_accession.abin> -o <megan_output>

First, it would be best to run diamond so as to return a .daa file (format 100).
Then run daa-meganizer.
(blast2lca is a special purpose tool and not of general interest).

The easiest way to build an accession file is to produce a tab separated file in this format:
AAAA \tab nnnn
where AAAA is an accession and nnnn is a taxon id.
Then provide this to daa-meganizer.

Here is some good news: I am currently upgrading MEGAN so that mapping of reference sequences will be performed using an SQLITE database file (rather than our undocumented .abin files) and that will make it easy to create and use custom-built mappings.