Connecting query name to LCA results

I apologize if this is described elsewhere, but I haven’t been able to find a solution. I’m using Megan to find the LCA of BLAST results of Sanger sequences of fungal and bacterial cultures. In the end I want an excel table that shows isolate number x has taxonomy y.

The query ID for the BLAST results is the isolate number, but right now I only seem to be able to connect that to the LCA output by clicking through the “inspect” results in MEGAN. Not terribly time consuming, but if I can save the time through some automated export, that would be better.

Is there a way to export the taxonPATH and also include the query names that are assigned to that path?


Select the nodes of interest, then select the menu item File->Export-> Text (CSV) Format and then select the desired format:

Wow I feel like an idiot! All I had to do was scroll down. Thanks for the quick response and the great software!

another option using command line is the rma2info command. useful to include in a pipeline. I follow this with a script to merge the megan taxonomy output to my (otherwise-generated) OTU table.