Comparison, not added to list when I add files. Linux, not windows

Dear all,

When I want to add files for comparison, Megan 6.8.9 does not list the files, and I cannot compare. I can however compare files that I had already opened in the same session. Please note: This only happens in the linux version (running as Virtualbox VM, the data are on a shared location on the the HD where the VM exists), the windows version 6.8.8 works fine.
Is this a bug or do I do something wrong? I think so, version 6.7.18 on another linux machine (running form USB stick, not VM) did this fine, but then I also failed to do this after upgrade to version 6.8.9

Regards, Jack

I think its a bug. I was just about to report the same issue

Dear Jack,

thanks for the bug report. I have located the problem and it will be fixed in the next release, which I will upload by the end of the week

Hello my friend,

I also found this bug here… I did the last update and now I can’t access this option. My version is v 6.8.18 for Linux.

Thank you!

Are you sure that you have v 6.8.18? I downloaded and ran this on linux. I can open files in the comparison dialog as intended.

Yes. I’m totally sure.