Commands for "show alignment" sample by sample in ubuntu server

Dear Community,

I already have the .daa files (with for example 28 millions reads and 2 millions not assigned, ) . My next step, where I am stuck, is to run the necessary commands in the server (my Mac gets few millions only) to get a list of the references sequences with the number of reads (using ncbi).

Somehow is this format:

CBL33805 6165
WP_004358608 5150
WP_020967386 4174
AOH42913 3025
QCI59426 3021
WP_005844881 2218
WP_069364037 1736
WP_015542079 1576
WP_014078354 1423

Megan is already in the server.

And I am interested in the collapsed tree “top”.

I would appreciate your help.

Greetings and thanks in advanced.