Command line for extracting biom and tree files

Hello everybody,

I am new in the MEGAN community. I deal with hundreds of metagenomic sequenced samples from nanopore sequencing. I run DIAMOND and meganize with the command line. However, to download all these meganized.daa files to my local Laptop and open them in the GUI takes much time. I wonder whether there is a command line solution to extract biom and newick tree files directly and to download tese files for further analysis in R.

Probably, there are solutions, but I have not found it so far. If so, sorry for this request.

Thank you in advance.


Use the program daa2info to extract either a summary file that is a small file that can be quickly copied to your laptop and then opened in MEGAN, or export in different formats.

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Hi Daniel,

thank you very much. I was looking for exact this kind of tool. Just a small follow up question. Is there also a possibility to extract the newick-file / phylogenetic tree from .daa files?

Thank you!

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