Color by attribute using custom colors

I am trying to color by attribute, using custom colors, at command line.

The following commands work fine with system colors;

show window=samplesViewer;
colorBy attribute='Group';		#'Group' is a column header in metadata

I found the following command in samplesViewer>Command Syntax:

show window=samplesViewer;
set color=#996600 attribute=Group state=RCBS;

but it fails as follows:

MEGAN> Command: import metadata='...' clearExisting=true;
Executing: import metadata='...' clearExisting=true;
Cleared existing metadata
Info: Number of attributes imported: 2
MEGAN> Command: show window=samplesViewer;
Executing: show window=samplesViewer;
Command usage: show window=samplesViewer; - Opens the Samples Viewer
Error: Command failed: null
MEGAN> Command: set color=#996600 attribute=Group state=RCBS;
Executing: set color=#996600 attribute=Group state=RCBS;
Line 1: ';' expected, got: 'attribute'
Command usage: set color={<color>|null}; - Set the color of selected nodes and edges

Grateful for your help.

I’ve started looking at this, there are indeed some bugs that need fixing.

I have fixed this problem (there were multiple problems…)

Now, once you have loaded a file in a script.
You do not have to open the samples viewer. Rather,
you can just write:

open file=’/Users/me/test.rma6’;
set color=#996600 attribute=Group state=RCBS;

This will be available in 6.13.2., later today

Thanks Daniel. Have downloaded 6.13.4 and will try it.