Change weight of lines in line charts

We are generating line charts in the MEGAN Community Edition to show changes in the community composition over time. The charts look great (once we figured out how to specify the color of each line so they are distinct from each other!). However, the lines are very narrow and hard to see even on the computer screen. When put into a presentation they are even harder to see once projected onto a screen. I have looked everywhere, but for the life of me cannot find any way to change the weight of the lines.

Is this possible in MEGAN? If so, can you point me in the right direction? Many thanks in advance!

If not, this would be a great addition to the functionality of MEGAN. Thanks


This isn’t currently an option for changing this.
However, I will have added a workaround that will be available with the next release:

If you are using the Community Edition, then in the preferences file Megan.def (either ~/.Megan.def on Linux or Windows, or Library/Preferences/Megan.def on MacOS),
add a line like this:


to set the line width to 2.5, before starting MEGAN.

If you are using the Ultimate Edition, select the Window->Enter Command… menu item and then enter

setprop ChartLineWidth=2.5;

to set the width to 2.5, before displaying the chart.