Can't get export of --read2class --paths to work (MEGAN 6.9.0-3)

Hi Daniel,

I have finally come around to testing the export of SEED hierarchies (that I nagged about, sorry about that).

I still have problems, which I believe are bugs, some newly introduced:

6.9.0, 6.9.1, 6.9.2
$ daa2info --in file.daa --out - --read2class Taxonomy --paths # WORKS
$ daa2info --in file.daa --out - --read2class SEED --paths # Gives SEED ids, NOT PATHS

$ daa2info --in file.daa --out - --read2class Taxonomy --paths # Only headers, no data
$ daa2info --in file.daa --out - --read2class SEED --paths # Only headers, no data