Can't Extract Reads in 6.17 version


Is there a link to download the older versions of MEGAN? I just downloaded version 6.17 and now I can’t extract reads from nodes, or through the file-export option. MEGAN will create a folder to the specified directory, but the folder is empty. I was not having this problem in the older editions.

I am also having issues opening some of my files, which I was able to open with no problem in the earlier editions:

Executing: open file=‘Y:\Detroit_WWTP_Project_2017-2019\sA1\sA1tbx-2.rma6’;
IOException: Unreasonable string length: 742332192
Command usage: open file= [readOnly={false|true}]; - Open a MEGAN file (ending on .rma, .meg or .megan)
IOException: Unreasonable string length: 742332192
Error: Execute failed: Unreasonable string length: 742332192

Any ideas on what is going on?

Older versions of MEGAN are accessible from the same website and you just need to replace the current version number by the desired older version number in the URL. Do you know specifically which version you want to download? If it is no longer present on the website (sometimes I remove older versions to save space on the webserver) please let me know and I will put it back.

However, the error message that you are showing indicates that there might be a problem with the file…