Can't extract reads error

Hey guys,

I’m having problems in extracting reads from my data. Firstly, I tried using 6.19.8 version, but it didn’t show the option for extract reads. I only could use this option in 6.15.0 version.
But now, it keeps showing the following error:
Executing: show window=ExtractReads;
Executing: extract what=reads outdir=‘C:\Users\carol\OneDrive\Área de Trabalho\Reads_megan’ outfile=‘reads_phn_total-%t.fasta’ data=EGGNOG ids=-118 allBelow=true;
Command usage: extract what=reads outDir= outFile= [data={EGGNOG|INTERPRO2GO|KEGG|SEED|Taxonomy|VFDB}][ids=<SELECTED|numbers…>]
[names=<names…>] [allBelow={false|true}]; - Extract reads for the selected nodes
Error: Execute failed:

Can anyone help me?


My guess is that the space or accent in the directory name is causing problems. Can you remove Área de Trabalho and try again?

No, I still get the same error.