Cannot utilise SILVA mapping file

Hi there, I’ve been using MEGAN to compare metagenomic samples between sequencing platforms and classifiers, however I cannot get the SILVA taxonomy to operate. I have been able to generate my .biom from the 16s analysis, however it contains only sample names, everything remains unassigned. I assume this is due to not having the SIVLA mapping file incorporated, however I’m not sure how to do this.

I assume I require the UE to do this analysis?
The “Use Alternative Taxonomy” option in “Edit -> Preferences” is greyed out.

Thanks a lot!

From what I know I think you can only do it from the rma file, not after you combine to MEGAN.

or better it probably should have been done when you are creating the rma file.

Hope it helps

Ok, so I need to save my imported .biom file as an rma before I can use an alternative database?