Blast output against IMG/VR database

I’ve used the MEGAN since Nov 2014 (version 5.6.6).

​- Where can I find a menu to update the old version of MEGAN I have?

  • If I update to a later version of MEGAN, all the databases, such as NCBI and SEED will be updated automatically as well?

  • I blasted my contigs generated from Illumina HiSeq against the IMG/VR database. In this case, should I upload the IMG/VR database along with the blast output to summarize the taxonomic profile?

​Thanks for your assistance in advance.​

you should have a ‘Check for updates’ command in Help menu.
If not you can just download the new version on the website:

A lot has changed since 2014, so you’d also have download the new mapping files, also on the website. Im not familiar with the IMG/VR database, but if it is a subset of NCBI databses it should work.

In the new MEGAN you’ll find new methods for long read analysis that would also work for the contigs.

Please use MEGAN6, we no longer support MEGAN5