BIOM1 Export not working

I want to export my meganized .daa files as BIOM1 files so I can turn them into a phyloseq object in R. I select all of the taxa I want to be included in my BIOM file. I select “export → BIOM1” then the pop up says “Export taxa at official ranks only (KPCOFGS).” No matter whether I select yes or no, nothing happens. No error messages appear, and nothing is downloaded to my local device. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

I just tried this, still works for me. Did you select anything in the taxonomy view? Are the nodes uncollapsed down to the species level?

Also, because biom1 and biom2 are not well specified formats , I would suggest looking into exporting in a tab- or comma-separated format and then importing that, instead.

Hmm… yeah I checked all of this but the issue seems to be that I’m not able to export from MEGAN onto my computer. It must be an issue with my computer’s compatibility with MEGAN. I’ll keep looking into it. Thanks for the advice!