AWS error on daa2rma

Hi, I’m trying to run daa2rma on AWS EC2 and running into the following error:

Parsing file: /home/ubuntu/workingdir/metapipeline/DiaMegan/SRR6957156_SA_Refseq_1.daa
10% 20% 30% 40% 50% daa2rma: line 37: 5845 Killed $java $java_flags --module-path=$modulepath --add-modules=megan6u $options

Have you come across this before?

The word “Killed” suggests that the process was taking too much time or too much memory?

Please use daa-meganizer instead of daa2rma, it is much faster and uses less memory.
Once you have run this on the daa files, you can open them in MEGAN.

Too much (RAM) memory.
I’ve tested it on several AWS instances of the R6a series, having various RAM amounts and CPUs (the two go together).
The more RAM is available, the further the run progresses, and the more time elapses before the process is killed. So RAM seems to be the limiting factor.

I’ve tried playing with the threads parameter to see whether number of CPUs matters and I don’t think it matters very much, for loading the files at least…

My issue with daa-meganizer is that I have paired files and I don’t want to lose the pairing information…as I understand daa-meganizer only works on single files?