Assignment trouble with NR vs megan-map-Oct2019.db

Hi Daniel, first of all, thank you very much for the work you do.

I have an assignment problem using the NR database and the megan-map-Oct2019.db file.
Briefly, I have many sequences that, although the positive match with diamond and values compatible with what is set for LCA are classified as “not assigned” despite belonging to taxa that are already identified in the sample.
For example, of all the sequences that refer to Acidianus hospitalis, about 50% is assigned while the remainder is “not assigned”.
I checked with sqlite3 and actually the accession numbers that fall in “not assigned” are not present in megan-map-Oct2019.db.
Is there a tutorial to update the map file starting from NR?

I will upload an update this week. You can update the sqlite file yourself using sqlite commands. Unfortunately,I don’t have a tutorial for that at present.

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