Any other method (tool) to do the meganization?


I’m trying to do the meganization using the .daa file produced by diamond blastx.
But it seems my desktop is too low of computing resource to do the meganization.

My .daa file size is about 45G and since the computer isn’t that good enough, the memory that has been set for megan is 16G.
So the process took 3 days to be 40% and it was killed then…
Is there any way I could do the meganization in other way or is there any tip I could have?


Hi @wjung,

You will need more RAM to handle this issue. One possible solution is to split your raw FASTQ files into chunks and run DIAMOND+MEGAN on each chunk. Finally, you can merge them using the MEGAN tool’s merge-files function. The logic is explained here: Working with very large files.

However, merging may also require more RAM, but it’s worth trying.


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Hi, @Anupam . Thanks for your kind input. I think it’s worth a try and really hopeful.
Thank you!

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