Algorithms Menu and Resampling

Good Day!

I’ve been looking into resampling my data to do some stats analysis. I remember their being a resampling option in MEGAN5 as well as a distinct Algorithms menu within the Sample Viewer but I cannot seem to find the Algorithms Menu in MEGAN6 Community Edition. Is this a feature that is only available in the Ultimate Edition? Is there any other way to do resampling of MEGAN data? Thanks so much for your help!



Sorry, yes, this has disappeared and it is also not available in the UE.
However, I will look into reimplementing it.
Please let me know exactly what options this should have.


My apologies for my belated response and thanks for getting back to me!

As far as options go I think the functions it had in the previous version we very good which allowed you to select the number of sequences to resample. I would also add the option to compare the resampled samples to each other statistically to see how different they actually are. It would also be nice to have an option to select how many new samples the program makes.
Finally I could not find any documentation on the methods for how the actual resamples were made so I believe that would be a nice addition! Thanks so much for looking into it!